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April 18, 2024, 11:35 pm

Into the Karen the fresh new omens acquired is actually genuine revelations, as opposed to which they challenge perhaps not venture into tomorrow

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Into the Karen the fresh new omens acquired is actually genuine revelations, as opposed to which they challenge perhaps not venture into tomorrow

Into the doing these various forms of divination the fresh new Karen, like many ancient individuals, believe they are peering into arena of the fresh new unseen but powerful pushes one control new world. After they fail within efforts even with favorable omens, they believe you to definitely other stamina, go against the main one invoked, provides held swing. Their matter following gets to winnings this new go for and you will assistance of this significantly more influential fuel within next campaign.


Among the Polynesians and you may South Sea Islanders, therefore plus one of several Karen anybody, food items, animals, people, locations, weeks, brands, an such like., try briefly or forever banned under punishment of a beneficial curse falling through to people that forget the tabu. One of many Karen for example bans (“ta du ta htu”) was most often with the relationship, adultery, births, widows and you can orphans, portents, signs of misfortune, plants, particular residential animals, the new “Bgha” feasts, brand new names out-of people, large waters, while the gathering of plant life having dyestuffs. The newest mans fear of offensive powerful comfort and and therefore bringing calamity on by themselves, was at the underlying of most, if not completely, of these tabus, hence serve to illustrate the fact ancient guy will not accept wider values from make, but relies on precepts coating particular enjoy within his life. When asked as to the reasons they don’t really perform the tabued acts, extremely Karens blogs themselves toward answer, “Ta t’ ghe ba” (This is not a beneficial). The latest observation of them restrictions, which can be usually with certain sacrifices or choices, try a point of customized who may have descended from previous generations.

It is evident that most of your own tabus try associated with the newest domestic lifestyle and the employment of the people

Only in a number of times are they worried about appeal distinctly tribal. It was formerly the brand new personalized one of several Red-colored Karen towards parents away from potential chiefs of one’s group, and also for the chiefs by themselves, in order to avoid the utilization of rice and liquor.[28-1] The new tabu for the eating off rice by such people are hard to establish; but we all know that the Purple Karen play with grain faster widely than the society of flatlands, yams or other root constituting a fundamental piece of their eating plan. The newest idea has been created your tabu into the alcohol taking of the chiefs as well as their moms and dads, are for the intended purpose of producing brand new quality out-of brain therefore preferred regarding the management of the tribe; however it is truer to say that they feel one by the ascetic techniques one may obtain datingranking.net/escort-directory/fort-worth uncommon vitality–maybe enchanting–often having oneself otherwise, in the case of the chief, having his some body. If the Red-colored Karen chiefs observed the tabus it prospered, but when they neglected him or her it sustained difficulty, it’s alleged.

Wedding of an excellent Karen having men of some other competition are earlier strictly forbidden. Which exclusiveness left the new racial inventory pure and you can unmixed. Lately the brand new ban wasn’t carefully enforced. Hence, the traps involving the Karen towards the one-hand as well as the Burmese and Shan on the other side was basically quite weak, betokening–it needs to be admitted–a moral looseness which was not familiar just before. The fresh new village parents constantly handled you to marriage ceremonies away from tribe (“taw leu hko”) just weren’t good, even in the event such as for instance unions have not been lately tabued. elizabeth group otherwise of the identical village, offering the activities concerned are not so much more closely related than just cousins, are permitted. To help you wed a member of family nearer than a sis could be incest, and all sorts of the fresh new tribes prohibit such unions. At the time regarding a married relationship inside the a village the inhabitants is actually forbidden to labor.

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